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Anime Obsession

We don't want to be free of it

Anime Lovers in Singapore
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All Members , Moderated

sg_anime is intended for all Anime lovers who are currently residing in Singapore. The purpose for this is to inform all Anime lovers in Singapore of the latest happening and events that is IN Singapore though we would include other announcements as well.

001. No flaming, harassing, fighting and bitching. Keep your own conflict away from the group.

002. No blatant pornography and massive cursing or bigotry.

003. Respect other members.

004. We are a yaoi-friendly group. No blatant slur on yaoi, yuri or het.

005. Do NoT TyPe LiKe tHiS. It just pisses me off.

006. The moderators reserve the right to alter or modify any rules in a moment's notice. We will post an administrative note in that event. The moderators also reserve the right to kick out any member of the community. Ask us nicely and we'll give the reason to you.

007. Do NOT argue with the moderators, especially on community-related matters.

008. Lj-cut is your friend. Post all large graphics, long posts, polls, quizzes, icons (if large amount is involved) and yaoi materials above the PG-13 rating under it.

009. Advertisers, check the off-topic rules below.

010. Include the subject when posting. e.g."ANIME REVIEW: Chobits"

011. From now on, tags are also required for every post. It gives the community a neater look and allows people to find things easily.

[X] All off-topic posts must be labelled (in the subject header) as such and long posts must be posted under an lj-cut. Example "OT: My Vacation"

[X] Advertising on Anime AND/OR Singapore-related communities is limited to one post per person. If large graphics are involved they must be posted under an lj-cut.

[X] Advertising on non-Singapore OR non-Anime related communities will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Drop a note over at our personal journals or email us.

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