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Buying> Noragami Yukine's strap


Looking for people selling this strap, pm or leave comment for price. need item to be send to Singapore. Banks transfer works with me for local seller, but
the only payment i can make for overseas is paypal, sorry about it ><

first time posting here, please correct me if i post anything wrongly.

Any Nana fans here?

Hi peeps,

I am looking to sell a Nana DVD collection 1-17.
The DVDs are in Japanese and unfortunately do not have any subs. I would ideally like between £35-£40 but am open to offers if anyone is interested.

They are in very good to near new condition.

Shipping in the uk would be £10 for the whole set.

If you have any questions or would like to see some photos, please don't hesitate to contact me via LJ or at Lucyjackson1987@gmail.com

Kindest Regards

Death note Ultimate Collection DVDs, figures, posters and postcards!

Looking for a good home^^

This is the original complete series from Japan. Due to this there are no subs available in any of the DVDs. Included in this collection are the following:

• 13 DVDs (1-13)

• 13 accompanying toys that were released with each DVD including the Death King, Ryuk, Rem, L, Light, Misa, Near, Mello & Jealous. All are boxed and mint. They also come with their own stands.

• Each DVD includes a poster and a postcard with a unique picture per item.

One of the DVD cases has slight damage at the bottom, however it is still functional as a case and minor. If you wish to see a photo of said damage or the posters/postcards (unfortunately didn't manage to fit them here) please email me at lucyjackson1987@gmail.com or visit my ebay:


Thanks for viewing!

OT: Language Research

Hi everyone,

a team of English language researchers is in need of 2,000 words extracts from Singaporean weblogs. The data will be used to set up a corpus1 that will be available free of charge to bona fide academic researchers.

You are a native Singaporean and want to give us permission to collect samples from your online journal? You have further questions? Then please comment or contact hack2301 @ uni-trier . de (RE: SG Weblog). We most urgently need people aged 36+ to achieve a balanced age ratio of the data but all help is appreciated, no matter how old you are. We still need 7 more people to get to our goal of 50 blogs.

We would also be grateful if you could point out other communities, bulletin boards, etc. where we could post this request.

Thanking you,

1) examples of corpora would be the British National Corpus and the International Corpus of English.

Want To Sell: Kodomo no Jikan/Haruhi/Hirano Aya Photobooks, and other merchandises

Hey, found this community along the way, thought it would be appropriate for me to post as I've seen others doing too, not sure if I am allowed to link to my own LJ sale, but here it is, do tell me if I I have to edit.

As stated on title, here the link to my LJ sales, do take a quick look:


Sales consist of lots of Kodomo no Jikan items, haruhi merchadise, fanbook, Hirano Aya photobooks and a few others. Will be sellnig more in the future,. but for now, it's just theses.

 I am pretty sure this is in Singapore so, yea. Enjoy. Not sure how does LJ works, or if they allow private messages across, so I'll frequent here, thanks for the community too.



Cosfest VIII

I'm sure a lot of people on this comm will be at Cosfest VIII. I'll be going myself- not cosplaying though. I'll be bringing these with me instead:

so I can get pictures of everybody with them. I'd like to make more, so I was hoping people could suggest any other emoticons, acronyms or anything else from manga or anime. Preferably with panels or screencaps? Thanks!

By the way, you can see more of 'em here, here and here.

Sales Post: Manga, Anime & Books! (:

Hello! (: Thank you for reading this! The following items are for sale. Please look through and consider!

Chinese Manga
1. Angel Sanctuary (Complete Series) - $75
2. Vampire Knight (Volume 1 to 8 - $30
3. Fairy Cube (Complete Series) - $12
4. Divine Melody (Complete Series) - $35
5. Kanon (Complete Series) - $12
6. Alice 19th (Complete Series) - $15
7. Loveless (Volume 1 to 6) - $28
8. Max Lovely! (Volume 2 to 5) - $15
9. Crimson Hero (Volume 1, 5 to 9) - $21
10. Trinity Blood (Volume 2 to 5) - $16
11. Other manga (Please check the blog) going as low as $2 a book! English manga included! (Note: Include manga such as Bleach, S.A, Otomen, Honey and Clover, Earthian, Love Hina, Hana Yori Dango, X and many more!)

Anime DVDs
1. X TV Series DVD - $25
2. Prince of Tennis DVDs - $50


1. Tabloid Tokyo - $15
2. Tabloid Tokyo 2 - $15
3. Trinity Blood Chinese Novel - $10
4. Only the Ring Finger Knows - Volume 1: The Lonely Finger (Yaoi Novel) by Satoru Kannagi - $10

For more information and pictures, please check Faerie-punks. All prices are negotiable. If you are interested, please email me at adenade@gmail.com. Thank you! (:
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OT-Selling off Prince of tennis items

This is my first posting in the community so I am not very sure if this is allow
but I would like to sell my prince of tennis items. I need to clear my collection therefore I have to sell these.

Items for sale:

Prince of tennis 30.5 picturebook
Prince of tennis comics

For details please email @ jelover@gmail.com
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