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Aug. 20th, 2009 @ 02:19 am Want To Sell: Kodomo no Jikan/Haruhi/Hirano Aya Photobooks, and other merchandises

Hey, found this community along the way, thought it would be appropriate for me to post as I've seen others doing too, not sure if I am allowed to link to my own LJ sale, but here it is, do tell me if I I have to edit.

As stated on title, here the link to my LJ sales, do take a quick look:


Sales consist of lots of Kodomo no Jikan items, haruhi merchadise, fanbook, Hirano Aya photobooks and a few others. Will be sellnig more in the future,. but for now, it's just theses.

 I am pretty sure this is in Singapore so, yea. Enjoy. Not sure how does LJ works, or if they allow private messages across, so I'll frequent here, thanks for the community too.


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